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Post by Greybeard on Sun Jul 01, 2018 4:16 pm

Yes it really is sunny! We've had an amazing spell of weather the last couple of months.
I'm Greybeard (my daughters name for me) and I've been reading on the forum with interest for some time, since I got my hijet in October. So I thought I'd introduce meself finally and see if I can find a good home for my van.
Sorry to say the time has come for the van and me to part company. It's a '98 1300EFI with just over 70000 on the clock. (I can check exactly later today). It's a camper conversion by a company called J C Leisure and I guess the conversion was fairly early in its life as the van is remarkably clean for its age.
It has a few issues though. Both external slidy door handles are broken. The ignition lock is worn and you have to wiggle the key to start it. The temperature switch for the fan has evidently failed as the PO had a manual switch wired in. But the biggie is that (you've guessed it) it overheats. The PO told me she'd had a new thermostat fitted at the same time as the fan switch, but I suspect it isn't opening properly as the bottom hose remains cool even with the gauge at about 75%. It's useable back and forth to my work as it's only a mile away but it's using water. I don't think it's a head gasket problem as there's no evidence of it. The oil's clean and level stable. I've never had to top up the oil. It starts instantly and runs very happily and there's no yellow gunge in the oil cap. The water must be going somewhere, but I can't see where. I think it's being lost as steam when it brews up, it doesn't seem to use much if any if it doesn't get hot ie; just going to work and back.
The van has almost no rust that I can see, just seems to be the odd bit of surface corrosion here and there, but there is a little bit of bubbling next to one of the windows. It is still MoT-ed but I think it'll need an exhaust patch next time. Good tyres all round.
I've never hit anything with it but it does have the odd minor ding.
The headlight reflectors are pretty poor although it passed the MoT with them.
It has a trailer hitch fitted.

The trouble is that I work almost every day and I'm on-call when I'm not working (emergency services). I just don't have the time or patience to spare for the van as I have a 70s MG needing my attention too. I bought the van (the Love Truck, lol) with the intention of having the odd nights /weekends away but it's just never happened. It's not getting the use I got it for and instead always seems to be full of tools and what not so I'd be better with a cheap estate car I reckon. The van is a total hoot to drive and I do like it. It's always made me smile just to see it, but I think it deserves a better home.
It can be driven but I wouldn't take it far until the overheat problem is resolved.

So I've decided to let it go and take the loss on the chin. It doesn't need a lot and someone will get a bargain. I'm offering it here first as you guys and gals are actual enthusiasts and I'd like it to be appreciated properly.

No Reasonable Offer Refused, as they say. The van is located in the Kintyre peninsula, so it's not very convenient. I'll email photos if anyone would like them. I can't post an address here apparently so I'll just keep an eye on the forum.

Thanks for your patience!

Edit: I realised that this isn't the ideal place for this post so I've posted in the For Sale and Wanted page. Sorry for the poor etiquette.


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