On its way to the 'Crem'?

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On its way to the 'Crem'? Empty On its way to the 'Crem'?

Post by rajrakhiria on Sun Jul 03, 2016 10:57 pm

Hi Guys (& gals).

I've been driving my beloved Hijet this week (1998/18 years old/8000 mileage). Anyway much to my disbelief (although inevitably acknowledge, hence age), there was a blowing noise from front/mid end of van. Anyway throughout my many years of ownership, I just thought it was the front end exhaust pipe needing a-bit of TLC.

Anyway as its Sunday (today) and maybe quiet I took it to my local kwik fit. The mechanic loaded the van on ramps carried out a brief inspection and said its terminal! The engine is not only blowing but also making a clunk when pressing for more revs. He said he presumes it's the engine/gearbox, and it may pack up at anytime. It could be days/weeks or months.

Any of you guys know how I can prolong its life? What about those engine treatments?

Or could it be something else.

I know Matt is primary source, however is Staurt Woodwards still around?


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On its way to the 'Crem'? Empty Re: On its way to the 'Crem'?

Post by Raggy on Mon Jul 04, 2016 12:50 pm

They are both still around from time to time imparting their wealth of knowledge which is usually gratefully received. As for the van, maybe get the leak fixed then just see how it goes. As said it could be days, weeks, years even, they cant say when so in my view just keep driving it. You didn't notice the knock before. You never know it may be years before its terminal (are not all vehicles terminal at some point?). If you were happy pre KwickFit then carry on. If it is terminal at some point in the near future then you will have been happy with it, not spent any more money and used that saving to buy another one so you can carry on again.
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On its way to the 'Crem'? Empty Re: On its way to the 'Crem'?

Post by Logi on Mon Jul 04, 2016 1:04 pm

Mechanic. Thick Fit? Not words that I normally associate with each other.....
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On its way to the 'Crem'? Empty Re: On its way to the 'Crem'?

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