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Hello from Warwickshire, new member Empty Hello from Warwickshire, new member

Post by neilos on Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:36 am

Hi I have been viewing micro vans some time with a view to getting one.  I am currently researching a Daihatsu Extol wondering if I should take the plunge.  I had a Toyota Bongo old shape which I loved but was a pain mechanically and really hard to find parts for. I would love to hear from any Extol owners particularly if you have a van for sale.  Hoping to view one in Wales this week.

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Hello from Warwickshire, new member Empty Re: Hello from Warwickshire, new member

Post by PFM on Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:44 pm

Welcome, Neilos. I had a '53 reg Extol at the same time as 2 993cc Hijets. I disliked the driving position, but then I've always preferred the more upright design cabs of the Hijet and bigger vans. The loading floor is higher than in the Hijet, so I think less volume in the rear. I sold it at around 41k miles, and the engine went about 15k later.

I don't think many others on here have had Extols, but am sure some people must like them. At it's peak there were only around 1,100 taxed in the UK, with less than 600 remaining. I suspect any Extol-only parts will be hard to come by though I think the engine came from a Yaris or something.

Sorry not to be more positive.

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Hello from Warwickshire, new member Empty Re: Hello from Warwickshire, new member

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:48 am

Hello Neilos. Have you come here to Neilos before us to have your head removed from your shoulders?? Extol?? They are a wierd looking Van. More like a Cartoon Carichature of a thing Postman Pat would drive.

Just a point I noted to mention - you said Toyota Bongo - surely you meant Mazda Bongo or Ford Frieda?

I think we have had only one person on our Forum - from the Portsmouth who worked in a breakers yard and despite trying the various Website Search engines for parts he needed - had no joy - so came on here to look for the parts he wanted.
I had an Extol that I broke up because the big ends had gone and advertised the spares on Ebay but only had a couple of time wasters and didn't sell a thing. It did have a full Stainless Steel Exhaust System which I kept and cut up and used on a Hi-Jet. I kept all the easiest parts to remove from it and then doubled my money selling it to someone in Newport for storage of tools at his place of work at a Boat Yard.
As PFM with the raised floor they are a waste of space both the vehicle itself and the wasted space inside. However I personally found it much nicer to drive than my dear Hi-Jets. I found the seat very comfortable and the driving position too - and that LOVELY POWER STEERING. Oh if only Hi-Jets had that.

So overall not a popular vehicle and difficult to find spares for - and difficult to sell the ruddy spares I did have for one. So personally I would give the Extol a wide berth.

I have had Hi-Jets since 2003 and wouldn't want to drive anything else. I have broken several hundred of them for spares so I am usually well catered for the bits I need and for other members on here - but stock is depleting as I have stopped buying any more. I was offered a 1300 2002 pick up yesterday afternoon for £100 and ended up SELLING HIM a Romahome body to go on his pickup and he is coming over this afternoon for it. Good result.


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Hello from Warwickshire, new member Empty Re: Hello from Warwickshire, new member

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