LDV Convoy Camper project

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LDV Convoy Camper project

Post by Brainsparks30 on Fri Jul 27, 2018 12:36 am

I wish to sell this on now and would appreciate your interest.
Long wheel base, high roof.  97192 miles, Peugoet EN 55 engine runs very nice.
King pins are now done.  Currently welding front right arch, rest of body now done (rear arches/floor/ inner and outer sills ect).  This arch has become the bane of me and I think I'm out of my depth here.
Windscreen replaced, leaks are gone. New front calipers/brakes/lines/hoses/fluid.
Fixed leaks where the body seal had failed on the body panels, AND flash taped the high roof gutters to be sure.
Diff oil seal and oil replaced.
Ankor waxed on the battery tray ect, its great stuff!
Several spare wheels if you need.  Fitted tires are good.
Rear seats are gone, Ply floor laid down.  I still have original front passenger seat, but pulled it to fit Ford galaxy seats (can be included if desired)
Serviced before laid up to work on.
Will need a good scrub (again) as it has greened as I've been working on it.
Battery is probably a little tired by now.
Front is currently up on stands, ready to lower and torque up anti roll bar (new bushes fitted!)
There is an a large unfinished rock and roll bed also included (far from cheap when bought).
I have a tow bar with steps (not fitted) if its any use.
It had Mot when I parked it up to work on but has expired.  I'm probably being to fussy with it, but I wanted it to last.  A little bit more work and you'll have a sound base for a camper (or van with windows!)
I had to remove the air filter box to make space to weld, and unbolt the front grill.  Could easily be put pack ready to drive away, or trailer if you prefer.  

Much easier for someone to finish this project than start a random new one, as I have already found the repairs and am honest about them.  My situation has changed and I have moved on.  Has been a massive learning experience.  Please, lets work something out.  I will do my best to answer any questions.  Pic's to follow

It's in south Norfolk.


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