Stereos for Hijet/Hijetta

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Stereos for Hijet/Hijetta Empty Stereos for Hijet/Hijetta

Post by oliveandme on Sun Jun 03, 2018 7:07 pm

Hi there everyone,

I recently got a 1L Hijetta/Hijet and we struggled to get a stereo which was suitable for the center console.

I just wanted to post the one I got which is from Amazon and costs around £17, extremely easy to fit and comes with all the modern comforts such as Bluetooth, aux, USB, hands-free calling etc. Aerial has to be bought separate but easy to come across!


Stereos for Hijet/Hijetta Snapch10

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Stereos for Hijet/Hijetta Empty Re: Stereos for Hijet/Hijetta

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 04, 2018 5:44 am

Ah, new interlopers from The Small Motorhomes Forum. Welcome to more Technical information on here about Hi-Jets.
Small Motorhomes are very much more Larger Romahome model oriented than with the Hi-Jet Demountables on here.
I used to work for Romahome and you have probably read some of my exploits on there in "Hello from the SUNNY ISLE OF WIGHT".

Shame you have only managed to get £8-50's worth of the picture in the frame though. lol!


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