EFI fuse block

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EFI fuse block

Post by Raggy on Tue Mar 27, 2018 7:52 pm

Anyone know where the EFI fuse block is located?

Mine is a 993 but think the 1.3 has one as well. Title is a bit misleading as it supplies the fuel pump relay and what's termed the main relay (993 and 1.3 are similar bracket for relays just different looking relays). Same wire colours etc feed it. One black wire with white tracker feeds both relays which are earthen by a blue wire with black tracker. I think my issue is no power supplied by black wire. Had a problem last week with same symptoms of no engine management light, other lights on, motor spins but no start. Thought it was relays but obviously not! Now sat waiting for AA at work, hi hum, joys of Hijet ownership I suppose but then again had more trips with Astra and AA!
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