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No Start Skylark

Post by Raggy on Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:31 am

Well I am usually on here saying what I have been converting or where I have been so this time a change, last Friday when the weather was dreadful. Skylark my 993 camper decided it would be a good time to turn over but show no inclination to start (don’t blame her really as it was vile weather). It would turn over fine but I had no engine management light and the first time  I tried I had a buzzing sound, then nothing next time I tried. So whilst cycling in to work in the wet as an alternative means of transport I put my mind to the task. The buzzing sound sounded very much like a relay (during the week I had heard a very quiet version of this sound on turning the key but as it started and didn’t do it every time I couldn’t locate it). Looking at the electrical diagrams it seems that there are only two relays, one for fuel and one for supply of power to the efficiency system etc. So to Saturday in the now coldest of weather I decided to investigate. Tried the key again and had a small buzzing sound guessed it, it fired up straight away! But I could leave it like that, next time I may not be as lucky to have it break at home and be stranded out some where!  I fortunately had some spare relays from a friends van I manage s to strip of all useable parts and just decided to go for it and swap both rather than mess about diagnosing which one it wouldn’t be (it was cold!). Getting to them is no easy task as Woody will attest to. They are up at the side of the brake servo under the dash, not the easiest place to get to. After a bit of fiddling I managed to get at the relays and swap them over. Turning the key....nothing....a moments thought and a face slap...hadn’t turned immobiliser off! Turned that off, turned key and hey fired up as normal. Now to get the relays and their bracket back in place...snow started and job abandoned as it was blowing staring in the open door and that’s how it is at the moment. When the snow stops I will attempt to but it back together.
The diagram below from HighlyJetted may help others with a similar issue.

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