2003 1.3 LPG/Petrol Hijet, 83,000 miles £249

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2003 1.3 LPG/Petrol Hijet, 83,000 miles £249

Post by LloydAJN on Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:49 pm

Selling my much loved Hijet. Its a 2003 1.3 LPG/Petrol Hijet with just under 83,000 miles.

It has MOT till 14th October but does need some TLC which i have started myself. I have been travelling so has been stored over winter with the intention of doing some work on it and keeping it going as i love this van but i am off again so it needs a new home. I have covered most of the rust spots, and ground half of them out on the bonnet and sealed with red oxide. There was rust under the aerial so have ground that out and sealed with red oxide. It sounds like there is a hole in the exhaust which has sprung over winter.

Its last MOT had one advisory which hasn't been done which is a corroded brake pipe. to pass its next MOT i think it will need a new headlight as one is rusted and a new exhaust.

The engine seems much better than most hijets i know, running smoothly at 70mph on the motorway and super efficient, about £7 of lpg gets you around 100miles.

This van still runs really nice and sounds good, has overheated in the past but i have worked on that and has not happened in a while, turned out that it just wasn't bled properly and the fan didn't come on (it now does). The engine does stall sometimes when cold and at low revs which i believe is the fuel sensor which is a £20 job off eBay i think. The petrol fuel gauge is constantly on 0 and has never moved since i bought it, never phased me as i ran on LPG most of the time and kept a petrol can in the back just in case. The battery case needs some welding or to be replaced.

Just found out the battery might be dead, left it running for a while but wouldnt start this morning, can still get it running off jump leads for anyone who wants to come have a look.

I did install some top of the range Halfords speakers and stereo in the front (not standard, not made with an stereo). happy to include the speakers and the stereo for an extra £20.

Basically it is a stellar van that needs some attention to be restored to its former glory which i unfortunately do not have time to do.

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Re: 2003 1.3 LPG/Petrol Hijet, 83,000 miles £249

Post by waaan on Sat Sep 23, 2017 8:25 am

The van sounds very interesting.
Where is it located?

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Re: 2003 1.3 LPG/Petrol Hijet, 83,000 miles £249

Post by Woodie on Sat Sep 23, 2017 8:56 am

Have a stab at Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales. The clue is in Lloyds Avatar. lol!
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Re: 2003 1.3 LPG/Petrol Hijet, 83,000 miles £249

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