Solid working 1300 Hijet engine (& everything else)

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Solid working 1300 Hijet engine (& everything else)

Post by bendillon on Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:04 pm

Breaking a 1.3 16V Hijet, it was due to be converted into a campervan, but there was just too much to fix :'(

Anyway, I have an engine and gearbox which was running really sweet, with no overheating problems at all. I did an engine swap on it before it died, and the engine should now be on about 40k.

I'm in Suffolk, so it would be a collection job, or I could possibly deliver it for the cost of fuel.

Would love to see it being used and not scrapped! £250 for just the engine, £300 with the gearbox.

I also have pretty much everything else from it for sale.

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