panel light problem solved

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panel light problem solved Empty panel light problem solved

Post by johnp on Thu Apr 09, 2015 3:58 pm

I like many owners have problems with panel light being so dim they are non existant,the problem can be solved with a small strip of LED lights available on line for a couple of pounds.The panel has to be removed and the three connectors undone.With the console and the clear plastic fascia and black painted inner trim removed the rest is straightforward .The LED strip will fit in a groove in the black painted trim,I used glue,the positive and negative are connected to the back ,the negative to the black wire screwed to the rear top right hand corner of the panel,the positive a wedge fit in the top right panel light bulb holder.Looks really good with blue LEDs.The LEDs I bought were about 3" too long,I just cut them too the right length.


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