Hijet starting problems

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Hijet  starting problems  Empty Hijet starting problems

Post by peekatu on Thu Dec 11, 2014 1:54 pm

Hi Guys ...I have a daihatsu   hijet        duel fuel EFI 1300  van ,I think my petrol pump has finally packed up its been playing up for a while and on Tuesday I went to start the van and nothing  ( just after I filled it up to affraid     ) , so I've been running it on LPG . But today I had problems starting it Sad   I seen a fuel pump on eBay for £60 .00 that said it would fit my van I just Wanna make sure it is the fuel pump and not anything else like a sensor?  the petrol fuel gauge is working if that helps. Any suggestions would be appreciated Smile


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Hijet  starting problems  Empty Re: Hijet starting problems

Post by HighlyJetted on Thu Dec 11, 2014 4:40 pm

While its on petrol,

If you turn the key, can you hear the pump make the hummm noise for about 6 seconds?#

Ones that are starting to fail make more of a growling noise sometime. Ones that make no noise means the pump isn't working.

Fuel pump failure on hijets is very common - which is why I stock new ones - the ones on ebay for £60 Wink

The other way to tell, is to undo a fuel hose on the engine - best accessed under the rear engine cover.

Those pumps I advertise on ebay are decent ones too, not chinese rubbish - proper made in germany items.

Biggest arse, is having to drop the fuel tank to change the pump.

It is even more common for LPG hijets to get knackard pumps, because often they have been driven mainly on gas, and the petrol goes stale, and the tank goes rusty on the inside, which in turn ruins the fuel pump...

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