Gearbox 1.3 16v 2002 4x4

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Gearbox 1.3 16v 2002 4x4 Empty Gearbox 1.3 16v 2002 4x4

Post by Onyeredson on Mon Jul 14, 2014 11:48 am

Hi fellow Jetters, I've tried to repair my layshaft oil seal in doing so the springs and ball bearings went everywhere so need a complete gearbox possibly? Does anyone know if the Pto 4 wheel drive take off fits on to the 2 wheel drive gearbox? In trying to re assemble mine I had to remove this and was wondering if it will marry to a 5 speed 2 wheel drive, as the workshop manual of which I thank you shows only one gearbox and states for all models? would respect a swift response on this one please. Thanking you in anticipation Paul 'W' Onyer~EDson(*:0) ><


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