piaggio porter, breakdown?

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piaggio porter, breakdown?

Post by slippyfish on Wed Jan 02, 2013 5:47 pm

happy new year!! been a while since i was on last, been having some issue's with my piaggio porter, it only seem's to happen when on the motorway, or when i've been driving for a while! but as i'm drivving along without notice my wee porter die's on me,with a totall loss of power, at wich point you have to pull in, it then sit's for a while making a hunting noise, until it clear's and then some progress can be made! for instance when taking my boy's home, on a journey that's 112 miles long! it thankfully only happened the once,but then on the return journey, it happened 17 time's, it causing me a lot of frustration, iv'e noticed that when it does happen if you turn off the ignition and then start it again the problem resolve's, but there's alway's the issue of the steering lock going on!! not good at 60 mph, was wondering if anyone could shed any light on it???


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